Frequently Asked Questions

 How much are membership dues?

Members pay a fee of $15.00 (per division). Local dues may be assessed, if desired

 What does a student receive as part of his/her membership fee?

Please refer to the benefits of membership.

 What is the turn-around time to process new club/membership materials?

We do ask to allow four weeks for processing membership information. Many times the time frame is less, but this is requested in case of any unexpected downtime.

 Can membership be sent more than once a year?

Yes, our office accepts new members 12 months a year.

 Once our club is chartered what must we do to remain an active club?

New members should be inducted and their membership fees sent in to the national headquarters yearly.

 What is the GPA (grade point average) a student has to have to be eligible to join the Beta Club?

That is decided by the individual club. Our national constitution says that a student must be working on or above grade level.

 What if I have students who were members at another school?

Membership can be transferred to a club within the same division; for example, members may transfer from Elementary Division 1 to Elementary Division 1 or Senior Beta to another Senior Beta Club. A club has the right to have each transfer student meet their specific membership requirements or just accept them on the grades from the previous school. Click here for more information on new club transfer members.

 My school is non-public, can our school start a club?

Our constitution states that all non-public schools (private, parochial, other) must be accredited by an accepted accrediting agency. The list of accepted agencies can be viewed at

 Do I need to start a membership application before I collect membership dues from my eligible members?

No, please refer to the Steps for Chartering a New Beta Club. Please do not start an application until ALL of the steps are completed and membership fees are collected.

  We are in a poor district. Isn't $15 a lot of money to ask the students to spend?

The $15 is a one-time investment for each division. Students experience the honor of being recognized in a national organization for their efforts and achievements. In addition, the students, school and sponsor receive membership and leadership and web-based materials at no extra cost.

  What are the alternatives to having students pay the membership fee?

  • Civic organizations in your community may give financial assistance as part of their community outreach program.
  • Established clubs may give financial assistance as part of their service project.
  • School organizations such as PTA and PTO may provide financial assistance.
  • Apply for local / federal government grants as a community involvement program.
  • Faculty / administrative donations.
  • Fund Raisers

  I don't have enough time and I can't find anyone else to act as advisor or sponsor for the club. Do you have any suggestions?

  • The National Beta Club encourages student / membership involvement, therefore the sponsor acts as an advisor to oversee student activities.
  • Multiple sponsors can ease individual responsibilities. Many clubs have one sponsor to oversee recruitment of members, another sponsor who is in charge of meetings and other activities, and another to supervise convention attendance.
  • The National Beta Club suggests that the main sponsor be a member of the school staff. However, clubs may have parents or local community members as co-sponsors. The National Beta Club does require that the school administration approve all sponsors.

 What does the name “Beta” stand for? Is it an acronym for something?

No. Beta is not an acronym. Our founder, Dr. John W. Harris, chose the name when he founded our organization back in 1934. Beta is the second letter of the Greek alphabet. “B” represents “bios” (the Greek word for life). Dr. Harris wanted members to learn not just how to make a living, but how to actually make a life for themselves.

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