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Alabama Senior Vice-President, Josh Chapman of Plainview High School, campaigns for National Vice-President.
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Geraldine High School's (AL) Junior Beta Club reenacts "The Bad Beginning" by Lemony Snicket in Living Literature Competition.
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Henagar Junior High School's Beta Club (Henegar, AL) attends National Beta Convention.
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Plainview Junior High School of Rainsville, AL attends National Beta Convention.
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Arkansas Beta behind the scenes at the National Beta Convention.
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Arkansas Junior President, Isabel Hopson, campaigns for National Office.
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Poyen High School (AR) proudly displays their National Scrapbook Competition entry.
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Rison High School's (AR) campaign skit at National Beta Convention.
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Florida Senior President, Camerin Dixon of Poplar Springs High School, campaigns for National President.
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Immokalee High School (FL) rallys behind their candidate, Regine Francois, for National Secretary.
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Florida Betas have a blast at National Convention.
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Immokalee High School (FL) at National Convention.
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Georgia Junior Vice-President,Taylor Johnson of Ola Middle School, campaigns for National Junior Vice-President.
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Bethlehem School's (GA) Junior Beta Club reenacts "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" in Living Literature Competition.
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Ola Middle School of McDonough, GA
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River Trail Middle School of Johns Creek, GA compete in the National Quiz Bowl Competition.
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Central Junior High School's Junior Beta Club reenacts "James and The Giant Peach" in Living Literature Competition.
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East St. Louis Senior High School of Dorsey, IL compete in the National Group Talent Competition.
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Vienna Grade School - Vianna, IL
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Vienna High School - Vianna, IL
"Beta is about being a member, not an individual. It works because we work together. "
Jaxon Hair, National Beta Member
"Thank you for making my dreams a little more possible. "
Ian Hudson, 2022 Scholarship Recipient
"Leadership Summits have been very beneficial for teaching strategies and inspire everyone to improve as leaders!"
D.C. Bridges, National Beta Sponsor
"As I move forward, I will apply the pillars of achievement, character, service, and leadership to represent Beta in the best way possible. Thank you for investing in my future. "
Grace Hendrix, 2021 National Beta Scholarship Recipient
"National Beta Convention exposed me to many new ideas, friends, and places. I was moved in so many ways, especially by the representation of so many schools, races, and cultures. "
Olivia Kilpatrick, National Beta Member
"National Beta encourages me to set positive goals for myself and my club. I know I can reach out to National Office at any point for help or guidance. "
Stephanie Bristol, National Beta Sponsor - Texas
"It is Beta Club that got me started on my academic pathway, so I am delighted to find that it is still around. "
Former member, PA
"At Broyhill not only was I given the opportunity to get to know other Betas, I got a better understanding of myself. There it became clear to me what kind of person and leader I want to be."
Broyhill Leadership Conference attendee, OH
"The Beta Club has opened so many doors. If I didn't get involved with The National Beta Club I would not be in college right now."
Former member and scholarship recipient, FL
"Any program that honors student achievement, service and/or leadership is beneficial to the school and community."
Somers, CT
"[The National Beta Club] provides leadership, academic growth and responsible citizens in our community."
Flint, MI
"Beta instills pride, a strong desire for academic excellence, and our students view it as one of the most positive aspects of our school."
Siler City, NC
"I have been involved with Beta since 1986 as a student, sponsor, principal and state council member with the exception of my college years. I can think of no finer student organization with which to invest my time!"
Alton, MO
"BETA is a great opportunity for students to shine in the classroom and take those accomplishments on to a higher arena. The program really allows the academically gifted students to achieve what many athletes achieve on the court or field."
Bloomfield, MO
"I would tell my principal colleagues that I have seen firsthand how the students so badly want to be inducted into the Beta Club and how hard they work to meet the criteria for an invitation to join the club. Such hard work and dedication to be a part of such an organization only makes our school look better."
Laurinburg, NC
"Because BETA offers a sense of pride among those students involved, it engages our community and parents to be involved in their children's educational career, and it gives all students an opportunity to have a voice and to shine in ways other activities in our small rural district may not."
Vernon, FL
"Beta is a character building organization in every sense of the word. It provides leadership opportunities that students may not otherwise have, as well as allowing students the opportunity to serve in their community."
Dry Fork, VA
"Recognizing student achievement and accomplishment furthers the principles that we try to instill in the young adults we work with. Supporting their school and community involvement makes for a true environment for learning."
Rockvale, TN
"I support Beta Club because it give students a sense of purpose greater than themselves. It helps them see how they are connected to the wider view of our school and community."
Carpentersville, IL
"I believe having a Beta Club improves the academic environment of a school; but the most important reason to have a Beta Club is that the Club fosters the development of character in students as they learn to see the bigger world around them, and strive to make a positive difference in the lives of others."
Louisville, KY