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National Beta Sponsors

Essential for the Beta Community

A sponsor is an educator or someone working in your school who advises and guides National Beta member involvement. This is a volunteer role that is vital to the success of local clubs. We also allow parents or guardians, community members, or fellow staff members to support the main sponsor as a co-sponsor. Many times, sponsors hold the following roles in a school:




Gifted / Talented Coordinator

Sponsor Benefits

  • Sponsor Pin
  • Database of resources for running a club
  • Access to Sponsor Discussion Board to collaborate with other sponsors
  • Year-round support from a National Office staff member dedicated to helping new sponsors
  • Awards and recognition opportunities including years of service
  • Free downloadable materials and official charter

Benefits to Your School

  • No charter fee
  • Flexibility to determine membership criteria
  • Diploma seals for graduating Senior members
  • 7 national award and recognition opportunities
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Start a Club

Become a Sponsor

National Beta is available for all school types (public, private, charter, homeschool, and virtual) as long as they meet the eligibility requirements and accreditation qualifications. We give sponsors the flexibility to run their club in a way that best fits their school and its members.

We have worked to make sure the process of starting a club is simple and attainable. Sponsors will work alongside the National Office throughout the entire process of chartering a club. If your school already has a club, please complete the new sponsor form to gain access to the Sponsor Site.

As Easy As 1, 2, 3

  1. Make sure your school meets the eligibility requirements found in our Constitution (Article II, Section 1).
  2. Complete the Start a Club Application.
  3. Once approved, a member of the National Office will reach out with next steps.

Have questions before you complete the application?

New Club Application

Common Responsibilities

Your Impact As A National Beta Sponsor

Club Administration

Assist in organizing and managing all National Beta activities including meetings, events, and projects. They may also help establish the club’s bylaws and ensure that its operations align with school policies.

Leadership Development

Sponsors play a crucial role in developing the leadership skills of National Beta Members. This could include training, guidance, and opportunities for Members to take on leadership roles within the club.

Academic Support

National Beta has a special emphasis on academic excellence. Sponsors may provide academic guidance and support to Members. Sponsors may also encourage academic achievement or assist with scholarship applications.

Character and Service Development

Sponsors promote the development of positive character traits and encourage members to engage in community service activities. They may help plan and coordinate service projects and instill a sense of civic responsibility among the members.

Communication and Collaboration

Sponsors act as a liaison between National Beta and the school administration, faculty, and parents. Sponsors facilitate communication within the club and may collaborate with other clubs or organizations for joint initiatives.

We both love how it gives kids purpose and goals. It gives kids without direction something to work towards and gives students who are already excelling new heights to reach. I know how much Beta shaped me as a student, providing me opportunities to improve my academic and leadership skills and teaching me the importance of servant leadership. I love that I get to share those same things with a new generation of students. If one servant leader can change the world, imagine what a generation of them can do?

Andy and Jennifer Jackson
Club Sponsors

Our Staff Is Here To Support You

National Beta relies on our sponsors to ensure that each club runs successfully. We realize how much sponsors have on their plates and we never expect sponsors to do it all alone. From a dedicated staff person and club curriculum to our detailed wiki site and sponsor resources, we want to ensure becoming a National Beta sponsor is not only simple but hopefully fun, too.

If you have any questions please send us a message or email


Frequently Asked Questions

From the National Beta webpage, select “Sponsor Login” in the top right tool bar area. Use your login credentials and then select “Add Member”. Follow the instructions on the New Membership Application and submit your membership dues to the National Office. Payment may be completed via credit card, check or purchase order.

Please note that applications cannot be processed until one of the forms of payment mentioned above is received.

Membership dues are dependent upon the division in which your students fall. Each division requires a one-time payment which covers the student for the duration of their time in that division. Elementary Betas (grades 4-5) pay a one-time fee of $16, Junior Betas (grades 6-8) pay $24, and Senior Betas (grades 9-12) pay $32. Schools may add local club dues.

Sponsors may transfer membership by visiting the Sponsors page and selecting “How to Transfer Members” under the “Resources” page. Members may only be transferred within the same division (Elementary, Junior or Senior Beta). A club has the right to have each student meet the requirements of their individual club, or Members may be accepted based on grades from the previous school.

No, Members will keep their membership materials from the previous club. Students can receive another Membership Certificate, with the new school name listed, by requesting a certificate reprint for the student following their transfer. A Sponsor must request the reprint. There is a $10 reprint fee.

Two weeks is requested to process membership materials. While in most cases the timeframe is less, it may take up to two weeks during times of heavy membership volume.

Yes, our office accepts new Members throughout the year. Many schools induct new Members at the end of each period which is an incentive for students to achieve academically throughout the school year.

New Members must be added annually to remain an active club.

The criterion for Membership is decided by the individual club. Our national constitution states: The qualifications for Membership of the student shall be: (a) worth, moral and ethical character; (b) exemplary achievement, and (c) commendable attitude. All students must be performing at or above grade level in order to be eligible for Membership. Local clubs can require additional criteria.

A sponsor is an educator who advises and guides Member involvement. There is no limit on the number of sponsors responsible for a club. Sponsors may wish to share the responsibilities of their club. Co-sponsors may be appointed or elected in the same manner as a sponsor. Co-sponsors may include administrators, teachers, or parents. Co-sponsor names should always be reported to the National Office by adding them to your club information. You can add/edit/delete co-sponsor information by logging into the Sponsor webpage, selecting “Manage My Club”, and then selecting the sub-tab “Sponsors”. Your administrator must approve all sponsors.

National Beta Headquarters does not set a minimum or maximum service hours requirement. Sponsors have the flexibility to choose service projects that are most appropriate for their club and community.

It is your unique Club Identification. It starts with S, J, or E, which represents your division, your two letter state abbreviation, and finally four random digits. When you log in to your Sponsor site, you can find the club ID at the top.

National Beta seals are adhered to your graduating 12th grade Members diplomas to symbolize their Beta Membership. We include diploma seals for all Senior Members on your roster with your completed New Member material shipment. The number of diploma seals provided reflects the number of active 12th graders on your roster, plus we include a few extras. Please count your seals as soon as you receive them to confirm you have enough. Be sure to save these seals for your graduation.

We are unable to ship membership and merchandise together, however, you can pay for both with the same check or PO number.

When mailing your check, please be sure to include your school name and invoice number. Please make your check out to National Beta Club and send your membership check to:

National Beta Club

Attn: Finance Department

151 Beta Club Way

Spartanburg SC 29306

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