State Conventions

Where Competition & Camaraderie Meet

State Conventions are annual events held in 18 states across all three National Beta divisions. Conventions feature a wide range of individual and team competitions and opportunities to run for several leadership positions.


The handbook, hotel information and state convention registration will open in September. However, all dates for this year can be found below.

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Strengthen The Bond Within Your Club

Convention creates an environment where members from diverse backgrounds can cheer each other on as they compete against other clubs from across the state. Club camaraderie thrives at State Convention and the energy of each General Session must be experienced.

How to Attend State Convention

Members interested in attending State Convention should contact their club sponsors. Sponsors will coordinate and register any members for their State Convention.


Competition Opportunities for Members

State Convention features a wide range of individual and team competitions. There’s a competition for any area of student interest. Categories include:

Academic Tests

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

S.T.E.M. Competitions

State Office Positions

State Convention Details

Frequently Asked Question

State Convention is open to all 4-12th grade Beta members whose state hosts a Convention. While registration must be completed by a National Beta Sponsor, family members, school administration, and others may all attend.

Clubs located in a state that does not host a physical State Convention may participate in our Beta Convention Extension, a virtual convention featuring the majority of competitions offered at on-site events.

State Sponsors are selected by sponsors within their state and serve a 2-year term to coordinate the judging of competitions during state conventions. State Sponsors work closely with the State Officers and sponsors for the success of the organization at the state level.

State Sponsor-Elects are selected by sponsors within their state to serve a 2-year term assisting the State Sponsor in coordinating the judging of competitions during state conventions. These individuals work closely with the State officers and Sponsors for the success of the organization at the State Level and must be prepared to assume the duties of the State Sponsor if they are unable to perform their responsibilities.

The list of State Sponsors and State Sponsor-Elects can be found on the About page. Simply filter by State Sponsor or State Sponsor-Elect to find the ones for your state.

Details for all competitions are listed in the State Convention Handbook. The Handbook for every state is released annually on September 1 and can be found in the details section for your state.

The pre-registration cost for State Convention is $30 per member ($35 if registering onsite) and $10 per guest. Clubs may register up to two sponsors for free.

We recommend registering at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline. This ensures that all students are registered on time and allows you to add students to any new registration and add additional competitions.

No, conventions are state and division specific.

Meals are not provided for attendees; however, certain locations have food vendors onsite.

Contact the Beta Team

If you have any questions about the National Convention, please contact our National Office.