For Parents & Guardians

You Are Vital To Student Success

Being a National Beta parent or guardian means encouraging your child to actively participate in National Beta activities. We are so thankful for the support you provide to the National Beta community. We encourage you to praise their efforts, acknowledge their achievements, and express pride in their dedication.

Every Club is Unique

Each National Beta club may have its own guidelines and requirements for parent involvement. It is important to communicate with your club’s sponsor and club leadership to understand any specific opportunities available for parents or guardians.

Engage with National Beta and Your Student

Here are several ways parents can engage with National Beta.

  • Stay Informed – We encourage parents and guardians to familiarize themselves with the National Beta Club’s mission, objectives, and activities.
  • Encourage Membership
  • Volunteer as a Chaperone
  • Assist with Fundraising
  • Provide Transportation
  • Share Professional Expertise
  • Attend Meetings and Events
  • Support Community Service Projects
  • Advocate for National Beta
  • Stay Connected

How Your Student Can Join a Club

If your student’s school has National Beta, the sponsor will reach out during the year to all students who meet the club’s criteria to invite them to join. Check out our Club Directory to see all the schools with National Beta. You can contact our office if you have questions about your school’s club or sponsor.

Stay Connected

National Beta is full of opportunities for your new Beta member! Complete the registration form below to sign up for our parent newsletter where you’ll receive details to help your Beta take advantage of all our organization has to offer.

Membership ID number is located on your child's membership card received during induction ceremony.
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