Beta Around the World

Pioneered by a Kentucky Beta member, Beta Around the World is an initiative to send the Beta shield across the globe. From the lowest point to the highest peak, this project provides an opportunity for Betas to make connections with individuals in new areas, while showcasing their Beta pride.

How It Works

We are challenging our Betas to obtain selfies of people holding the Beta shield all over the world. Think big – Eiffel Tower, Egyptian pyramids, Hollywood sign, and more! Reach out to family, friends, or strangers to ask for help. One club obtained a photo of a chef in Antarctica!

Digital Shield – We recommend emailing a digital shield to your contacts for selfies.  Our email template, available for download below, can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Printed Shield – If you would prefer to mail a printed shield to your contacts, you can adjust our letter template available for download below.

How to Submit Photos

Once you receive photos, upload them to our Beta Around the World page. When you upload the photo, be sure to select “Beta Around the World” from the photo category menu. All photos will be posted on the Beta Around the World map.

Betas Around the World Moscow

More Opportunities

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