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What Membership Means

National Beta Shapes Futures

National Beta prepares students in 4th-12th grade to be successful by empowering them, not just in school, but in life. As a member of National Beta you will find everything you do—from local events at your school to our various state and national events—is designed to help you grow in our four pillars: achievement, character, leadership, and service.

There are three National Beta divisions:

  • Elementary Beta: 4th-5th grade
  • Junior Beta: 6th-8th grade
  • Senior Beta: 9th-12th grade

All National Beta members receive the following:

  • Certificate of Membership
  • Membership Card
  • Lapel Pin
  • Diploma seal for 12th grade Betas
  • Opportunities to attend various school, state, and national events
  • Ability to apply for a National Beta Scholarship as a graduating senior
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How to Become a Member

If your school has a club, it is led by a sponsor who is a teacher or another member of the school staff. This sponsor is responsible for reaching out to students at the school who meet the membership criteria at their school. While each club can require additional criteria, our constitution requires all members to be performing at or above grade level. So, if you are eligible, you will receive an invitation to join from your club’s sponsor.

If your school does not have a club, the first step you can take as a student is to find an administrator, counselor, teacher, or school staff member to serve as the club sponsor for your school. Homeschool students can have a parent or guardian serve as a club sponsor.

To help you encourage an adult to serve as your sponsor, share the educators webpage with them so they can learn all about the benefits and responsibilities of starting a club at your school.

Club Directory

To find out if your school has National Beta, visit our Club Directory.

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Membership Fees

At the time of your induction into your school’s club, you will be asked to pay a one-time fee. Some clubs may collect additional, local fees to assist with various club operations, but the national fee for each student is as follows:

  • Elementary Beta: 4th-5th grade; $16
  • Junior Beta: 6th-8th grade; $24
  • Senior Beta: 9th-12th grade; $32

Events and Opportunities for Members

Along with community service, we encourage clubs to participate in the events and opportunities our organization provides exclusively for current Members.

  • Impact your local community through your club’s activities
  • Connect with other Betas in your state at State Convention
  • Get to know the National Beta community at National Convention
  • Expand Leadership Skills with Leadership Summits
  • Enhance your future with National Beta Scholarships

National Beta Events

Learn more about our annual state, regional, and national events.

Club Opportunities

See the opportunities available at the local level.

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Information for Parents

Parents and guardians play a vital role in a student’s success and Member experience. Your support and enthusiasm will encourage your child to actively participate in National Beta activities, events, and initiatives. Stay up to date with all things National Beta through our newsletter and other information for all parents and guardians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership dues are dependent on your division. Each division requires a one-time payment that covers membership for the duration of your time in that division. Elementary Betas (grades 4-5) pay a one-time fee of $16, Junior Betas (grades 6-8) pay $24, and Senior Betas (grades 9-12) pay $32. Clubs may add local club dues in addition to this.

Sponsors may transfer membership by visiting the Sponsor web page and selecting “How to Transfer Members” under the “Resources” page. Members may only be transferred within the same division (Elementary, Junior or Senior Beta). A club has the right to have each student meet the requirements of their individual club, or Members may be accepted based on grades from the previous school.

The criterion for membership is decided by the individual club. Our national constitution states: The qualifications for membership on the part of the student shall be: (a) worthy, moral and ethical character; (b) exemplary achievement, and (c) commendable attitude. All students must be performing at or above grade level in order to be eligible for membership. Local clubs can require additional criteria.

No, National Beta Headquarters does not set a minimum or maximum service hours requirement. Sponsors have the flexibility to choose service projects that are most appropriate for their club and community.

All former Betas, sponsors, and 12th grade Betas are eligible to join the Alumni Association. To join, visit

Your Member ID can be found on your membership card. You may also ask your sponsor for your Member ID. It is listed on their official roster. If you need additional assistance in finding your number, please email

We only accept membership payments from clubs. Please contact your local club sponsor to pay your child’s fee.

Local schools set a membership deadline so they can collect and submit new Members at one time. Schools are at liberty to deny late membership payments.

The National Beta Community

Stay connected with our National Beta community and follow us on all social media accounts. This is a great way to get to know more about us and our events.


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