National Beta Recognizes Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients


National Beta is proud to announce Kristy Bates, Chance Gillman, and Lauren Moulard as the 2024 Distinguished Alumni Award winners. The Distinguished Alumni Award, granted to current Alumni Association members, is the highest honor bestowed upon a former National Beta member. Alumni who demonstrate leadership abilities, serve within and outside of National Beta, and individuals of high moral character are eligible for the award.

This year’s recipients have gone above and beyond in their outstanding commitment to the ideals of National Beta’s four pillars of achievement, character, leadership, and service.

“We are thrilled to recognize Kristy, Chance, and Lauren as this year’s Distinguished Alumni. Our organization strives to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our members, especially as they continue to contribute their time and attention even after they have graduated and moved into their professional lives”, said National Beta CEO, Bobby Hart. 

The National Beta Alumni Association provides Beta alumni with an array of opportunities to showcase their Beta pride and stay connected to the National Beta organization. Many alumni serve as judges at State and National Conventions as well as on various review committees for club and member-based awards. The Distinguished Alumni application for 2025 opens this fall. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Alumni Association, learn more and apply here!


Learn more about the 2024 National Beta Distinguished Alumni Award Winners:

Kristy Bates


Kristy Bates is a dedicated educator with a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to serving her community. Celebrating her 20th year of teaching at Bernie High School, Kristy’s impact extends far beyond the classroom. During her Beta experience, she exemplified outstanding leadership and dedication, both as a student and later as a teacher and sponsor. Starting as a Junior Beta member in seventh grade and ascending to the presidency in eighth grade, her commitment to Beta’s values shone brightly. In high school, Kristy continued her active involvement, chairing committees and excelling in academic competitions at the State Convention. Her leadership reached new heights in her senior year, serving as club Vice President and earning recognition as the recipient of the local Beta Scholarship. Transitioning into a teaching role, she seamlessly integrated their Beta experience, guiding students and advisors in preparing for state conventions and actively participating in various committees. As the Bernie Senior Beta Sponsor, Kristy led the club to remarkable success, achieving victories at both state and national levels and initiating new traditions such as Founder’s Day and Beta Week celebrations. Her unwavering dedication to service was evident both within and outside of Beta, as they spearheaded numerous community service initiatives, fundraisers, and volunteer activities, leaving an indelible impact on their school, community, and beyond. Kristy is widely admired for her unwavering dedication to her students’ success and well-being. With a calm and approachable demeanor, Kristy’s exceptional leadership, coupled with her genuine care for her school and community, exemplifies her remarkable character as a compassionate educator and mentor, leaving a lasting impact on those she encounters.

Chance Gillman


Chance Gillman embodies the essence of leadership and service instilled by his years in the Beta Club. In his role as a Respiratory Therapist, he recognizes the importance of supporting not just patients, but also their families during challenging times. As a Beta member and leader, he is committed to advocating for individuals facing difficult circumstances, striving to offer empathy and sincerity to brighten their days, even amidst the unpredictable nature of his profession. From his early days in 7th grade to serving as the State Secretary and later as a National Leadership Representative, Chance has been deeply engaged in Beta activities, fostering lifelong friendships and finding inspiration in the collective spirit of unity and collaboration. Beyond Beta, his volunteer efforts extend to various community service projects, local festivals, and a restoration project in his hometown, reflecting his commitment to making a positive impact wherever he goes. Chance’s vibrant personality, described as that of an extroverted dreamer with a compassionate heart, shines through in his dedication to spreading happiness and advocating for those in need, both in his career as a Pediatric Critical Care specialist and in his everyday interactions.

Lauren Moulard


Lauren Moulard’s National Beta journey is a testament to the profound impact of Beta on shaping individuals into exceptional leaders and dedicated community leaders. From her early days as a fifth-grade Beta member to her current role as a teacher and Beta sponsor, Lauren has exemplified the organization’s values of leadership, service, and excellence. Her extensive involvement in Beta, including holding various leadership positions and spearheading successful convention and fundraising efforts, showcases her unwavering commitment and passion. The depth of her affection for the organization is palpable in the array of pins she proudly displays—a collection that includes junior and senior induction pins, her district governor pin, sponsor pins, an alumni pin, and state pins commemorating every Beta convention she attended as a member, a tradition she upholds in her role as sponsor. Beyond Beta, Lauren’s volunteerism extends far and wide, from organizing community service projects with her students to tutoring underprivileged children. Her integrity, authenticity, and natural leadership abilities shine through in everything she does, inspiring those around her to reach their full potential. Lauren’s dedication to education, as evidenced by her academic achievements and career pursuits, further underscores her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. As she continues to embody the spirit of Beta and serve as a beacon of inspiration, Lauren’s impact will undoubtedly resonate for years to come.